Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the Most Frequently Asked Questions we receive. Click on any question to see the full answer.

+ What can be done to restore the appearance of my designer handbag like Balanciaga, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent or Bottega Veneta?

+ Can a heel height be lowered on a shoe for more comfort?

+ Can you resole men's dress shoes like Allen Edmonds and Alden like the factory?

+ Can shoes be stretched in length and/or width?

+ Can the calf of a women's boot be strectched to fit?

+ Can you restore the red bottom on my Christian Louboutin shoes?

+ What is the best way for me to extend the life of my leather soled designer shoes?

+ Can Brooks repair purse and bag mechanical features?

+ How do I know what lace length to order?

+ How should I deal with water damage to my shoes?

+ What are your store hours?

+ Do you pickup or deliver?