Brooks Shoe Repair


Brooks' Repair Services


Repairs - Preserve and Restore

Variety of protective soles, heels, linings, straps, soles, elastics, cleaning and dying - eve total professional rebuilds

Complete Rebuild to original specifications

Alterations - Modifying for Comfort and Appearance
Fitting Adjustments - Linings, Straps, Orthopedic Adjustments, Patches, Dying, Boot leg height and width tailoring and stretching

Purses, Luggage, Briefcases, Tote Bags


Piping, Tubing, Patches, Strap and Belt Shortening, Linings
Restore appearance of Suede, Leather, Fabric, Vinyl


Hardware Replacements

Locks, Wheels, Handles, Catches, Snaps, Toggles, Magnetic Clasps, Zippers